Headingley Business Park Case Study

Headingley Business Park Case Study

Headingley Business Park Case Study
PROJECTHeadingley Business Park
LOCATIONHeadingley Business Park, Headingley, Manitoba
QUICKPANEL SPECIFICATIONAnodic Clear Cladding Panel and Trim System

If you’ve never heard of Headingley, MB, don’t sweat it. This quiet rural municipality, in close proximity to Winnipeg, Manitoba, holds a number of small businesses, residential communities, and recreational amenities. But amongst the old buildings and local businesses is a property that stands out from the rest.

Reliable and Efficient Service

Developed by a local entrepreneur & business owner, this 8-unit commercial rental building in Headingley Business Park was erected by general contractors Contempora Steel Builders using their pre-engineered steel systems. Contempora Steel Builders is a full-service construction management company that strives to assist you through each phase of building; in-house design, engineering, project management, and construction.

Contempora Steel Builders enjoyed working with us and said their experience was consistently good: we responded quickly to requests for quotes, provided excellent customer service, and our staff was well informed.

Commercial Design That Stands Above The Rest

In spite of Headingley Business Park being currently sparse, it is nonetheless expanding; this is why Contempora Steel Builders wanted to make sure that this commercial building stood out above the rest of the buildings currently being erected in the area by giving it a more professional and clean look. 

Contempora Steel Builders’ designs with the belief that industrial doesn’t need to be boring; this is why they chose to use QuickPanel Systems in Anodic Clear and FastPlank Systems in Dark Cherry for this project. “Products like Fastplank and Quickpanel bring about a unique opportunity to liven up a normally single-colored metal cladding.” -Contempora Steel Builders.

Building Materials That Overcome Adverse Weather Conditions

The project management team ran into high winds and record snowfall during installation, but despite these challenges, they were able to keep the project on track and on time. With Headingley being located in Manitoba, it might be the best place to show off what QuickPanel Systems can do. QuickPanel has superior wind and water management systems that will keep the building standing solid and beautiful for years to come. 

The use of QuickPanel Systems and other Engage Building Products can help your project stand out from the rest. QuickPanel Systems will work with you to create a truly customized and original look that will make the design of your project one of a kind. Service quality and product quality must work as a whole, with the final goal being to provide our customers with great value. We know that our contribution to this project will make the building stand the test of time.