QuickPanels New Pricing

Product Pricing Announcement

Please be advised that effective March 1, 2020, pricing for both EasyTrim Reveals® aluminum trim system, and QuickPanels® 4mm ACM pressure equalized rainscreen system, will increase. Product pricing increases will vary by product.

Product Pricing Announcement

QuickPanel Systems' Customer-Focused Site

New QuickPanels Website

QuickPanel® Systems Inc. is proud to introduce a new customer-focused website to educate each of our user groups with exactly what they need to know about The Future of ACM Panel.

QuickPanel Systems' Customer-Focused Site

The new quickpanels.com site is designed to meet the specific information needs of our unique customers: from architects to installers and everyone in-between. Our team recognizes that these information needs are very different and very specific for each of these important groups.

In today’s digitally-driven marketplace, QuickPanel Systems Inc. wants to ensure that our potential and existing customers find the best exterior cladding solutions online, quickly, effectively, and without a lot of clutter.

Streamlined overall site navigation allows for one-click access to browse any of the innovative product features, access important product documents, or learn more about the complementary QuickPanel services and resources.

Dedicated user pages accessed from the new site’s main page – one each for architects, builders/general contractors, dealer partners, homeowners, and installers – guide users to the information they are most likely looking for about QuickPanel and the services and resources they most likely need.

Furthermore, we have simplified multiple submission forms into one convenient form that allows website users to connect with various customer services like our Free Samples, and No Charge Estimate programs all in one place.

QuickPanels.com is also full of product and project images in the site’s photo gallery, case studies, and much more to inspire new 4mm ACM Pressure Equalized Rainscreen in new and existing building projects.

Check out the all new quickpanels.com site today and come back often for plenty of new product information, news announcements, case studies, gallery photos, and more!