A Comprehensive System, Cut-On-Site

A comprehensive system to clad your exterior. When you purchase the 4mm ACM QuickPanel System everything necessary to get the system up on the wall is included as one bundle.

The QuickPanel aluminum cladding system is comprised of two-piece trim assemblies to ensure maximum edge protection and significantly speed up the installation process.  The trims come in 10’ lengths that are easily cut on site, which accommodates for necessary site adjustments, and drastically reduces the waste factor often seen with competitive products.

The patented EZ.Lock® technology creates open “tab-free” areas to quickly place panels on the wall. The top caps easily snap into place to complete the assembly.

Installation instructions are available online here.

See for yourself a solo installer placing an overhead panel in a QuickPanel system, in less than on minute.

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Innovative Design & FeaturesEnsure Integrity and Longevity

Building scientists focus on solving complex and often deceptive problems that are frequently the culprit of improper moisture management and other environmental factors like heat and wind. These problems can leave your building looking weathered, or worse, compromise the function of the building envelope.

QuickPanel 4mm ACM Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System is designed by building scientists with some of the most modern features on the market; specifically, when it comes to moisture management, and other environmental factors that may be a detriment to your structure in both the short- and long-term.

QuickPanel comes with a complete rainscreen built in. System-wide drainage, circulation, and ventilation ensures the integrity and longevity of your building, plus the comprehensive cladding system includes a patented EZ.Slope® technology, to provide revolutionary water management and drainage for every project, for a very long time. QuickPanel is AAMA-508 certified to handle your toughest envelope requirements.

Explore the complete list of QuickPanel product features, and our most inclusive suite of services and resources on the market.

Installation Support Team

QuickPanel has a full project management and on-site installation training team ready to assist in any way possible. Our team of installation professionals are available across to engage with, train, and help oversee installation professionals across North America.

We ensure that every job is executed, not only correctly, but efficiently, saving you time and money. Contact your area representative to discuss Installation Support for your next building or cladding project.

Our team provides no charge estimates for your building projects. Submit your drawings and a local area representative will connect with you on the status of your project.

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