Residential Case Studies

Custom-designed “Forever Home” Showcases Contemporary & Functional Material Choices

PROJECT Custom Home
LOCATION Parkhill, Calgary, Alberta
QUICKPANEL SPECIFICATION 1,040 sq.ft. Silver Metallic with ColorMatch® trims

In a market like Calgary, where custom homes are frequently designed with resale value top-of-mind, an architect can apply the principle of long-term value in material selection for clients looking instead for their “Forever Home.”Calgary-based architecture firm Inertia Corporation was awarded the opportunity to apply this principle in 2017 with the design of their client’s custom home in Calgary’s sophisticated SW neighbourhood of Parkhill.  Armed with lifestyle specifications outlined by the future homeowners, a challenging site grade, a general focus on sustainability for the project, and a shared vision for contemporary design, partners Trent Letwiniuk and Stephen Barnecut embarked on the assignment.

As part of the home’s development they incorporated innovative solutions for the site conditions that included a sunken main entry and garage concept, a horizontal length of windows to horizontally extend the impression of the front elevation, and QuickPanel 4mm Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen for both a modern appeal and a functional cladding material choice.

In consideration of the material selections for the exterior of the custom home, Letwiniuk outlines that they specifically sought a panel solution that was lightweight, displayed a clean face (without face fasteners), and offered a long-term appeal with little to no-maintenance to align with their client’s active lifestyle.

Aluminum panel is lightweight with a density that is only one-third that of steel. Lightweight building materials allow for many benefits from design flexibility, reduced transportation costs, temperature adaptability, and lower overall life cycle energy use. These qualities were the right fit for this new home project that focused on overall sustainability as part of its design objectives.

Furthermore, QuickPanel appealed to the architectural duo as the recommended panel product to achieve their desired color tone in a soft but modern “Silver Metallic,” clean reveal/trim lines, and the desired “start-and-stop” points for the façade’s aesthetic. They specified that QuickPanel trim pieces were to be painted using the patented ColorMatch® technology to the same soft “Silver Metallic” to complete the look.

Although Inertia Corporation was not the decision maker in the general contractor’s budgeting process for this project, QuickPanel easily matched both the design and budgetary considerations and the clients were pleased to proceed with the QuickPanel recommendation.

Over 1,000 sq.ft. of QuickPanel 4mm Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen is used on the feature massing of the home’s front elevation, which was completed in the summer of 2018. Installation of the innovative panel system was completed on-time and on-budget without scheduling or completion delays for the site construction crews.

The homeowners are thrilled with the design and material selections and especially happy to be living in their new “Forever Home.” The community of Parkhill continues to be revitalized through custom and infill design that is sure to match the contemporary sophistication of Inertia Corporation’s architectural success with their client’s new home.

To learn more about how QuickPanel can add clean, modern lines, and long-term value to your next custom or infill residential project – please contact your local QuickPanel 4mm Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen area sales representative for more information.

Commercial Case Studies

Product performance promotes QuickPanel® to the front of its class.

PROJECT Kingsland Junction by Trico Communities
LOCATION 7885 Macleod Trail SW #113, Calgary, Alberta
QUICKPANEL SPECIFICATION 180,000 sq.ft. Silver Metallic, Alucoil® with a durable PVDF Kynar® finish and ColorMatch Trims


With society’s everchanging taste in aesthetic preferences, architects must ensure that projects are not only built to withstand years of weathering, but also boast a timeless yet contemporary appeal. The architectural design must be supplemented by building products that offer the durability, sustainability, and innovation to maintain premier performance. With strong collaboration amongst architects, contractors, installers, and suppliers alike, projects shall unfold with envious results.This case study profiles one architectural firm—Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi)—and one of its buzz-worthy projects utilizing QuickPanel®  Systems:  Kingsland Junction by Trico Communities.

The Kingsland Junction Project

At approximately 180,000 square feet, Kingsland Junction is the largest QuickPanel® Systems project in North America to date. Kingsland Junction is a five-building multi-family property in Calgary boasting retail, commercial, and rental residences. With a substantial emphasis on rental properties, the project team selected QuickPanel® Systems to allow for maintenance-free upkeep.

Near the Heritage LRT Station by Macleod Trail in south Calgary, ARFAi envisioned the aesthetic being appropriate for an urban environment, quoting “we wanted to do something a bit higher tech.” With an eye for a flat roof and cantilevered eyebrows, Principal Architect Fritz believed QuickPanel® Systems responded perfectly to the vision. Historically, ARFAi would have cladded a building such as this in cementitious materials; however, Principal Architect Fritz cites “QuickPanel® Systems afforded an excellent alterative.”

During the initial consultation phase, Trico Communities wanted to ensure the exterior colors were able to match that of their logo. By utilizing QuickPanel® Systems’ patented ColorMatch® technology, the panels were a direct reflection of Trico Communities’ red and blue logo. On the Kingsland Junction project, the QuickPanel® Systems used are Alucoil® with a durable PVDF Kynar® finish. Principal Architect Fritz proves delighted when reviewing the outcome: “It’s nice when the outcome exceeds expectations. To have something that is impervious, beautiful, and will stand the test of time—it’s exciting.” Elaborating further, Principal Architect Fritz believes “You can’t quantify ethereal success.”

Utilization of Engage Building Products

Initially introduced to QuickPanel® Systems by Wayne Chiu and Wes Reinheller of Trico Communities, ARFAi sought to use a product that would carry a long warranty on the durability and finish of material. DCORE Project Solutions Inc.—a company with a longstanding relationship with Trico Communities—recommended changing from cementitious panels to QuickPanel® Systems: a change that would allow for increased durability, and faster and easier installation. “The fit, finish, durability, and outcome is phenomenal,” states Principal Architect Fritz. “QuickPanel® Systems responded perfectly to the vision for something higher-tech—something more contemporary.”

With the December 2019 rollout of the 2017 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), the carbon footprint and sustainability changed dramatically. With urgent implementation of the new Code required, ARFAi switched to QuickPanel® Systems for Kingsland Junction buildings 4 and 5; buildings 1 through 3 were completed prior to the Code’s execution. “QuickPanel® Systems had to respond and react to three generations of building types and was quick to respond to the Code.”

Although the Kingsland Junction project solely used QuickPanel® Systems, ARFAi is a proud customer of all three of Engage’s products: FastPlank™ Systems, QuickPanel® Systems, and EasyTrim® Reveals.

About the Architectural Firm

Founded in 1989, Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architectural Inc. has since grown to have corporate offices in Nanaimo, Calgary, and Lethbridge—the latter of which houses their main production office. Situated in the Coach House adjacent to the picturesque Norland Estate, the main office offers an idyllic landscape for superior creativity. “It’s like a 1910 Gone With the Wind southern mansion,” states Principal Architect Alvin Reinhard Fritz.

Ranging from individuals to corporations, ARFAi’s clientele extends from British Columbia to Ontario and several U.S. states. The extent of clientele would not be possible, however, without the trust and passion of the staff. “We’ve got a family culture here. We have an incredible team of professional staff who embrace their work with passion. The combination of trust and high performance gives us an edge,” states Principal Architect Fritz. ARFAi prides itself on employing individuals who not only boast passion and integrity, but also have direct experience—most notably highlighting the work, on this specific project, of Project Delivery Manager Dan Kain. With over 30 years’ experience, Dan was previously employed by ARFAi’s competition in a small town parallel to Principal Architect Fritz. Upon introduction, however, the duo seemed to be an unquestionable match. “Danny has a totally different appreciation for the product and ultimate details. This comes out in construction drawings where things aren’t overlooked. For Danny to have that level of expertise with that history, it has us perfectly poised.”

ARFAi operates within high-tech interactive offices. Boasting an entirely electronic database, Principal Architect Fritz states “We’re able to pullup drawings from 1989 and carry on with designs.” With boardrooms boasting 80-inch SMART Boards and state-of-the-art computer hardware, ARFAi is a leader in utilizing emerging technologies.


The ongoing appeal and performance of structures are directly reflective of the design, installation, and products used. Since applying QuickPanel® Systems, ARFAi is excited to promote the products to others. With various developers contacting ARFAi and numerous projects underway, ARFAi “look[s] forward to promoting and making people aware.”

Alongside ARFAi, the Kingsland Junction properties would not have come to fruition without collaboration from all parties involved. Specifically, Principal Architect Fritz acknowledges the unparalleled partnerships and support with Vic Zuczek, DCORE Projects; Trico Communities; photographer Jeff Hinman; and the QuickPanel® Systems (Engage Building Products) team—specifically, District Sales Manager Joseph Gair and Estimation Manager Rakelle Peralta. Upon treating the building to a high-pressure wash and witnessing the final reveal, Principal Architect Fritz stated:

“I am so pleased with the outcome. It’s like you took the building to the carwash; it glows. It’s so high-tech and beautiful.”

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Other Case Studies

Product performance promotes QuickPanel® to the front of its class.

PROJECT École Beausoleil
LOCATION 70 Ranch Road, Okotoks, Alberta
QUICKPANEL SPECIFICATION 5,400 sq.ft. Silver Metallic, JLR Red, RTB Blue, and Aluminum Grey, with a combination of Charcoal and (custom) trims

Strict technical requirements, a lacklustre winter climate for six+ months of the year, and a long-term performance considerations are no test for QuickPanel’s 4mm Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System at the new Ecole Beausoleil in Okotoks, Alberta.

Design of the 33,000 square foot francophone school, with capacity for 225 students, was headed by BR2 Architecture, a leading Alberta-based firm recognized for providing qualitative architectural services for a wide variety of project types and sizes across the western Canadian provinces and territories.

Shaun Visser, the lead architect who carried out much of the detailed design for the project, shares that with any capital project, multiple stakeholders are involved from start to finish. His firm’s involvement with the school’s development was very hands-on throughout; however, it was important to respect the challenges and motivations of each participating stakeholder – whether those are budget, time, or otherwise.

Technical requirements outlined by the Province of Alberta1 dictate that sustainable design is top-of-mind for school and infrastructure projects, specifically the “…efficient use and choice of resources and materials in such a way as to be economical…” Furthermore, “the building envelope assemblies separate spaces requiring differing environmental conditions by controlling the flow of air, water and energy.”

BR2 uses a metric to evaluate building material selection to fit these strict technical considerations; this metric includes variables for performance, durability, installation, and cost. QuickPanel fulfils each of the multiple prerequisites, as defined by all the project stakeholders in this case.

From an on-site perspective, Visser summarizes that “we often face problems on site that impact the aesthetic and architecture, it was so very efficient that [QuickPanel] is measured up and cut on site so we could efficiently make the necessary changes, without all the typical material waste.”

The front exterior façade of the building was animated and provided visual interest with bright blue and red QuickPanels, in combination with a sophisticated application of Silver Metallic and Aluminum Gray. Both Charcoal-painted trims and ColorMatch® trims complete the installation.

QuickPanel’s patented EZ.Slope® technology and UV protection paints minimize staining, fading, and provide revolutionary water management keep the bright QuickPanel colors looking their best year-round, and for many years to come.  Ecole Beausoleil is a building that stands out and conveys a playful aesthetic for the students and community during the long, bland winter months in the classrooms on the prairies.

Long-term performance and contemplation of future maintenance costs for infrastructure projects is a factor that Visser is most pleased with in the selection of QuickPanel aluminum trim system. “Although unlikely, if there is damage to a panel or a color change is desired, it is so easy to remove and replace a single panel even years down the road.”

The new Ecole Beausoleil welcomes students in the Fall of 2019.

To learn more about how QuickPanel provides a modern design, plus efficient material solutions for major institutional and capital projects – please contact your local QuickPanel 4mm Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen area sales representative for more information.

  1. Alberta Infrastructure – Technical Services Branch. Technical Design Requirements for Alberta Infrastructure Facilities. February 2018 Fourth Edition. Retrieved online July 31, 2019: TechDesignRequirements.pdf