Modern Aesthetic Appeal with ColorMatch®

Are you looking to add a bit of spice to the exterior of your next commercial space, or accentuate the curb appeal of new residential construction?

QuickPanel Systems delivers todays popular and modern aesthetic. With sleek lines, endless pattern and install options, plus its lightweight qualities, aluminum is rapidly growing in popularity across North America. Mixed-material, rustic modern, industrial, and mainstream are just a few style choices that come to life using QuickPanel 4mm aluminum composite panels.

Aluminum has an attractive appearance in its natural finish, which can be soft and lustrous, or bright and shiny; however, one of its best qualities is that it can take on virtually any color, pattern, or texture. With ColorMatch®, QuickPanel Systems are available in an array of standard finish choices and can easily accommodate custom finishes to reflect your design inspirations.

With QuickPanel Systems, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Be inspired by our project gallery, that features some of our favorite exterior cladding applications of QuickPanel 4mm Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System across North America.

Innovative Design & FeaturesEnsure Integrity and Longevity

Building scientists focus on solving complex and often deceptive problems that are frequently the culprit of improper moisture management and other environmental factors like heat and wind. These problems can leave your building looking weathered, or worse, compromise the function of the building envelope.

QuickPanel 4mm ACM Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System is designed by building scientists with some of the most modern features on the market; specifically, when it comes to moisture management, and other environmental factors that may be a detriment to your structure in both the short- and long-term.

QuickPanel comes with a complete rainscreen built in. System-wide drainage, circulation, and ventilation ensures the integrity and longevity of your building, plus the comprehensive cladding system includes a patented EZ.Slope® technology, to provide revolutionary water management and drainage for every project, for a very long time. QuickPanel is AAMA-508 certified to handle your toughest envelope requirements.

Explore the complete list of QuickPanel product features, and our most inclusive suite of services and resources on the market.

Proven Performance and Warranty

QuickPanel Systems are vigorously tested in a variety of conditions for the best possible performance and continue to outlast and outperform any standard.

No matter the environmental considerations for your building, QuickPanel Systems withstands (ASTM E330) wind load tests exceeding 99.84 pfs to shield your structure in the strongest wind. QuickPanel is ultraviolet (UV) protected by paints specially formulated to defend long-term against UV radiation, staining, dirt, chipping, peeling, and fading. Plus, our panels consist of two sheets of coil coated 3000 series or 5000 series alloy aluminum bonded to a mineral filled fire resistant (FR) core. See more testing and performance information.

Our confidence in the performance of QuickPanel Systems is demonstrated in the 15 to 30* year warranty provided for all product.

Explore the complete list of QuickPanel product features, and our most inclusive suite of services and resources on the market.

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*Longevity of the warranty is based on the finish selection. Please contact your area representative for more details.

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