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For aluminum, pitting is by far the most common type of corrosion. Pitting is primarily an aesthetic problem that, practically speaking, never affects strength. Pitting is more severe on untreated aluminum. Surface treatment (anodising, painting or other coating methods) counteracts pitting. Pitting will only occur in the presence of an electrolyte (either water or moisture) containing dissolved salts, usually chlorides. The corrosion generally shows itself as extremely small pits that, in the open air, reach a maximum penetration of a minor fraction of the metal’s thickness. Check out any of our testing documentation to learn more about the performance and durability of QuickPanel Systems.

QuickPanel Systems Inc. offers a 15 to 30-year* limited warranty on our aluminum system profiles, when installed properly. A warranty document is available for your review.

Yes, QuickPanel Systems has received patents for each of our innovative features, as well as many of our individual trim profile options. Additionally, our organization has dozens of patent applications pending on new, innovative building and aluminum technologies. Stay tuned for some exciting new aluminum building products in the future.

No, we pride ourselves on being the trim experts; however, QuickPanel Systems are sold as a complete system with the panel component being primarily supplied by partners such as Alucoil.

Yes, we do. We offer both product specific lunch and learn. Plus, we can facilitate for your team an AIA course presentation: 4mm ACM Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen Concepts & Design. Please contact us to connect you with a local area representative.

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You can purchase QuickPanel products through any local dealer or building materials supply. If they aren’t already setup, we can reach out to them to get them so and get your product to you in a timely manner. To see a list of local dealers already setup in your area check out our dealer locator page found <a href=”/quickpanelsystems/find-a-dealer/”>here</a>.

Unfortunately, no; however, you can purchase QuickPanel Systems through one of our local dealers. To see a list of local dealers already setup in your area check out our dealer locator page found <a href=”/quickpanelsystems/find-a-dealer/”>here</a>.

QuickPanel Systems offers over-the-phone support for every project. In certain instances, QuickPanel is able to offer on-site installation training and support depending on the project’s location and overall scope. We recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with our Installation Guide as much as possible. To request over-the-phone or on-site support, please contact us.

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