Project Gallery

QuickPanel adds a beautiful elegant feel to any building. This luxury apartment building in West Lafayette, Indiana, was given character and richness with QuickPanel…
The Royal & The Scarlet

The Royal & The Scarlet exemplify exactly what QuickPanels’ central message is all about. Clean architectural lines and a splash of color through our ColorMatch program really make these apartment buildings “pop”

MARDA in Mardas Loop

An excellent demonstration of ColorMatch trims and panels in offsetting grey with black accents. QuickPanels brings any multi-family concept to reality in a fraction of the time it takes to install traditional ACM panels.

Eastside Water Treatment Plant

Industrial applications are a perfect solution for QuickPanel. These clear anodized trims detract from the raw, unfinished look many industrial applications adopt and bring the project into the 21st century

Robertson County Airport Terminal

No face fasteners, just clean reveals. Using our ColorMatch system, our trims are guaranteed to match the color of the panels, ensuring corporate branding is always front-of-mind