All the curb appeal without the maintenance.

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The next big thing in architecture is taking off!

Offering long-term value, QuickPanel® is an ideal solution for developers of walk-ups, high-rises, low-rise, mixed-use complexes, and more.


Move to the siding system making a splash in the industry.

  •  The complete package. A simplified two-piece assembly system offers cost-saving benefits by accelerating timelines.
  • Distinct design. With large 1/2″ or 3/4″ tabs and reveals, QuickPanel® stands out from the crowd.
  • Ultra-durable aluminum. Fire-rated and wind-load tested, our UV-protected aluminum offers improved longevity with a finish that shines.
  • ColorMatch® any color. Make your siding truly one-of-a-kind.
  •  The future of siding. Offering enhanced features compared to outdated board-and-batten siding, ACM panels are quickly becoming the first choice for new builds.

Elevate the status of your next project.

Make a statement by choosing QuickPanel® Systems as your siding solution. Cutting-edge technologies and design elements entice new buyers with superior functionality and aesthetics built-in.
Capture the market with a bold design and retain value with proprietary technologies that save you money.


Realize the long-term benefits that come along with superior building materials

  • Reduce maintenance-related costs with superior water management technology.
  • Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen. The QuickPanel® system reduces moisture build-up inside and out.
  • Superior long-term performance compared to traditional lap siding.
  •  Water channelling technologies. Moving water away from the building envelope, QuickPanel® reduces costs related to cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fire-rated protection. Provide peace-of-mind by choosing ACM panels that are tested to an ASTM E84 Class A pass level.
  •  Wind ready. Able to withstand wind loads of up to 120psf, QuickPanel® is proven to protect.
  • 15+ year warranty. Instill confidence with products that are supported for decades to come.

Need assistance?

QuickPanel® has a full project management and on-site installation training team ready to assist in any way possible.

Sleek lines, clean aesthetic, and
endless pattern and install options.

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