Why QuickPanel® Systems

Take the easy route during installation combined with all the long-term benefits ACM panels have to offer.

The future of cladding

Aluminum composite material (ACM) panels are fast becoming the first choice for all new construction.

Popular for their exceptional weather-resistant properties, our ACM panels are specially designed with EZ.Slope™ technologies to shed water, eliminate sharp edges, and provide a virtually maintenance-free experience from beginning to end.

Designed and manufactured in North America, QuickPanel® come with complete support for installers, with our on-site training teams and in-house technicians on standby to assist you however they can.


Affordable, practical, beautiful

Compression Assembly

QuickPanel Systems can accommodate up to 5/8” of building compression between floors.

30 Year Warranty

Expect results when you choose QuickPanel®. Designed and manufactured in North America, our complete cladding system is built for longevity.


QuickPanel® is available in clear silver anodized, black anodized, primed for site painting, or in nearly any color you wish through our ColorMatch® program.

UV Protected

Our ACM QuickPanel® Systems are sealed with special formulations to resist the effects of long-term ultraviolet (UV) exposure from the sun.

4mm Rainscreen

QuickPanel® are a pressure-equalized, AAMA 508-certified cladding system that includes our patented QuickPanel® to provide an exceptional experience for installers and property owners alike.

No Face Fasteners

Eliminate the need for nails with the clean, modern aesthetic of QuickPanel® to complete your cladding system.

Fire Rated Panels

Few ACM panel manufacturers provide fire rating certification on their products, however all of our panels are ASTM E84 tested to a Class A pass level.


Designed with an 8 degree slope, QuickPanel® Systems horizontal ledges that shed water and grime, keeping your siding clean and free of dirt streaks—it’s virtually maintenance free.

On-site fabrication has never been easier

Basic tools and carpentry techniques are all you’ll need to complete a project using the QuickPanel® system.

Our QuickPanel® systems come ready for installation with all of the screws, fasteners, sealants, and ACM panels you’ll need.

Let us help make your experience as seamless as possible. Just get in touch with a copy of your architectural plans or the specifications of your project. With that, our technicians will provide you with a clear plan including the products necessary to complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Sleek lines, clean aesthetic, and
endless pattern and install options.

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